Disc Golf Target Basket Update

I’ve been using my disc golf target for about a week now and I’ve found the weaknesses of it.  I’ve been working on some simple fixes to these problems.

From Disc golf target

The first thing I noticed was that a single ring of chain worked for most puts but a few that should have been caught got through.  The simple fix to this was to add a second ring of chains.  I added six more chains halfway between the center and the outer ring.  Very few discs actually make it through the chains.

The second problem was that discs can roll on their side out of the basket.  It didn’t seem like it should happen too often because the disc had to be on its side rolling at an angle.  The solution to this would be to either add more dowels so the disc cant fit through or to add a second plywood ring onto the dowels.  I found that after I added more chain the problem happened less often.

The third thing I noticed was a few of my dowels were not actually hardwood.   They were some lighter weight wood that looked the same.  When the disc hit these dowels they cracked where the screws went in.  I added some glue and a few zip ties to strengthen them.  The best solution would be to make sure all the dowels are some type of hardwood.

Lastly, the extra part of the u bolts that sticks up can really eat away at your discs.   Cutting the excess bolt off and smoothing it with a file helped a lot.


2 Responses to Disc Golf Target Basket Update

  1. Logon says:

    Looks good whats the whight?

    • charleswolf says:

      Most of the weight is in the chains. I’d say its 20-30 pounds. I wouldn’t want it much lighter because the weight makes it more stable.

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