PSoC® FirstTouch™ Starter Kit

January 30, 2010

After learning about the  PSoC and its capabilities from a professor, I decided I would try one of the development kits.  I got the PSoC® FirstTouch™ Starter Kit.  The kit is easy to program using the provided software.  Using the PSoC Creator, I set up a PWM module to control a small servo.  It only took me an hour to get familiar with the software and get this servo running.

I had thought the TV in the background was mute but the audio sounds like I forgot.


Snow Fort

January 13, 2010

During winter break I spent some of my time making a snow fort.   The snow pile seen below is hollowed out leaving an area inside large enough to stand up in.  The snow removed from the inside was added back onto the pile to make it larger.

snow fort