New Bicycle

May 15, 2008

yesterday I got my first road bike. Its a Giant OCR2 with an aluminum frame, carbon fiber fork & seat post.

I had a new bicycle in my plans for mid summer but after I started having spoke problems with my Gary Fisher Nirvana agan I decided to look into a new bicycle. While the spokes were being repaired I looked at road bikes at Scheels, the Spoke bike shop, and the Flying Penguin. Scheels had a good selection but they were all over priced. the spoke also had a good selection but they didn’t have the right size frame in the store for many of the entry level road bikes. I went to the flying penguin where I bought my skis two years ago and found that they carried the Giant bicycle line like the spoke and they had the right frame size. I was still debating if I really should get the bicycle so I went home to think about it.

I went out for a ride on the repaired wheel and had another spoke break within 5 miles. I decided that It was only going to get worse and I didn’t want to spend too much more when I was planning on a new bicycle this summer so I decided to go back to Mankato and get the Giant OCR2 from the flying penguin. I got a deal on it because I already had the clipless pedals and they also threw in a water bottle and holder.

So far I have put 17 miles on the new bike and the ride is really nice. Shifting with the break levers is a little bit different but it works really nice.